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Mohave County Building Code

January 20th, 2007

I knew that building in the county outside of the city limits was not very regulated, but this article was a surprise even to me.  Apparently homes built in the county have no inspections and do not have to build to any code.  This wouldn’t worry me if only local builders were involved, but now most of the homes are being built by out of state builders. This is a quote from the article in the Kingman Daily Miner

The county is looking to extend the residential building code in order to protect the health and safety of the residents, Ballard said. A number of large developments such as Sterling, Ranch at White Hills, Rhodes Homes Golden Valley South, Dorado, Silverado and several site-built homes in the Arizona Strip are being built or are planned for the future.Although a home may look nice on the outside, it may have safety, maintenance issues and other hazards on the inside, she said.

Residents outside of the county’s building code jurisdiction are required to file for a building and zoning permit.

All that is necessary to get the permit is a drawing that shows the footprint of the building, the setbacks from the edges of the property and a connection to septic and water. A detailed floor plan of the home and inspections of the home while it is being built are not required because it is outside of the county’s jurisdiction, she said.

“All we know is the general size of the building,” she said.”

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